Laminate Doorsets

Performs in any environment

When manufacturing our high performing laminate doorsets, we bond a 0.9mm decorative laminate to the face of our F-Dor ® internally framed door design. This laminate facing consists of layers of specially selected papers, impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded together under heat and very high pressure. The resulting high-pressure laminate is a homogeneous, high-density sheet that is ready to use and ideal for a wide variety of doorset applications across all sectors.

Laminate doorsets are highly resistant to impact, wear, heat and staining.

They provide a hygienic, durable and easily-maintained surfacing solution for the most demanding of environments. The inherent physical properties of laminate, offers performance to help meet the strictest of cleaning and maintenance regimes, without the need for further additives or treatments.

The Casey Door Laminate doorset range is available in a palette of bright colours and wood grain finishes in all of our performance standards. This includes fire performances, severe duty durability and lead lining to radiological areas.

Sectors & Applications

The flexibility of our high performing bespoke laminate doorsets allows designers to specify them for various applications in a wide range of environments.


The durability of our laminate doorset can be utilised for the high impact nature of this sector. The laminate facings are easily maintained. The laminate itself is inert and does not support microbial growth which is ideally suited to hygienically sensitive environments. These properties offer flexibility to designers for specification across the majority of departments within the healthcare sector.


The wide array of bright laminate colours can form part of a designer’s overall colour scheme producing stimulating educational environments for all levels of the sector. The durability and impact resistance of the Casey Door laminate doorset can easily endure the daily knocks and bumps in a busy educational facility. This product is the ideal doorset solution for circulation corridors, classrooms, laboratories, music rooms, sports halls & toilets.


The hygienic properties of laminate mean that it has been widely used in the pharmaceutical sector for many years. By incorporating our powder coated steel frames and flush fit vision panel, our laminate doorset provides a hygienic solution for the clean environments of research laboratories.

Stadia / Leisure and Sports Facilities

With vivid contemporary colour ranges, graphics and wayfinding, our laminate doorsets can be tailored for any requirement. Combined with the durability and impact resistance of the product, it is the perfect doorset solution for the high performance environments of a stadia’s changing rooms, toilet facilities, heavily trafficked circulation corridors and maintenance areas. These attributes also mean that our laminate doorsets can be specified within high performance environments of sports arenas, gymnasiums and swimming pools.

Design Benefits


At the centre of every door is our patented design F-Dor, an internal framework of 50mm MDF internal stiles and rails framework with composite core faced and 4mm MDF sub facings. This means that performance is built in to every door leaf


Our laminate collection contains a range of bright, vivid and contemporary colours along with wood grain effect laminates that suit the aesthetics of any sector.

Edge Details

10mm exposed hardwood lippings to all four edges of the door leaf or laminate oversailing hardwood lipping with 3mm chamfered edge to all four edges.


Certified to perform, our doors have been independently tested and carry primary test certification for fire, acoustics, radiation and durability.


Our laminate doorset range can incorporate flush glazing vision panels, observational vision panels and standard vision panels to all Part M & BS8300 compliant configurations.


Laminates are a fit for purpose, low maintenance easy to clean door.


Vision Panels

Steel Frames

Our steel frames provide the ultimate in hygienic and durable solution. Steel frames are available in Adjustable, Non Adjustable & 3 Part Knock Down. All Steel Frames are available in powder coated finish to any RAL colour or in a stainless steel finish.

PVC frames

Our PVC frames are available in range of bright colours. The 2mm PVC fully encapsulates the timber frame providing full protection. All PVC frames are manufactured to our split frame design only to ensure all fixings are concealed.

Timber Frames

All hardwood timbers are available as rebated, double action or plant on stop frames, with clear lacquer finish or with a hygienilac finish. Softwood and hardwood frames are also available primed for final decoration onsite.

Glazing Bead & Glass

Laminate doorsets can be specified with splayed cloaking bead, flush glazing bead or with a stainless steel trim. All glazing options are available with these glazing beads, non-rated laminate glass, integrity only fire glass, integrity and insulated fire glass, acoustic glass, impact resistant glass and privacy panels.

Privacy Panels

Often used in a wide variety of applications, from hospitals and mental health centres, to research and cleanroom facilities, privacy vision panels provide the ideal solution whenever a user wishes to vary the degree of visibility through a window. Privacy panels are available with radiation and laser protection.

Flush Vision

Flush vision panels are manufactured to match the exact same thickness as the doors, so that the outer glazing finishes completely flush with either door face. This design does away with any ledges and crevices which compromise the hygienic integrity of the vision panel unit. A particular benefit of our flush glazing system is its flexibility of specification. From fire ratings, radiation shielding laser protection capabilities.

Case Studies featuring our Laminate Doorsets