Performance Built In

Doors are the fabric of a building with which we interact most freely. We push, pull, and on occasion slam them, not giving consideration to the stress and punishment we can cause. You should expect the most from our doors. As manufacturers, we want to demonstrate to you that all our doors are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed your expectations and requirements. To do this, all our doorsets are independently tested to achieve Severe Duty classification, the highest and most rigorous testing standard for doors within the British Standard.

The reassurance of Severe Duty construction enables doors to be used in the most demanding environments such as hospitals and schools. It is in these sectors where they are most likely to be subject to heavy traffic and abuse.

It is critical that doors continue to perform and maintain function in order to achieve other performance requirements such as fire rating, sound resistance, security and decorative feature.

Our standard internally framed door construction is tested and approved to Severe Duty DD171:1987, guaranteeing that our door design continues to be one that you can rely on.