Fire Certification

Standards and Guides

Technical Guidance Document B of the Building Regulations outlines the requirement of fire doorsets. It relates to – means of escape, fire spread and access facilities for fire service. Within Document B, fire doors are referenced as tested to BS 476 and more recently introduced European standard BSEN 1634-1. It is expected that the EN test standard could eventually replace the BS test standard but at this time they are both separately tested and recognised standards ran in parallel.

Validation and Certification.

One of the key principle benefits in choosing Casey Doors is that all our fire certification and assessments are based on primary test evidence undertaking and validated by independent testing authorities Exova Warringtonfire. Our product ranges achieve FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 certification. Intumescent and integrated cold smoke seals are included in our door and doorset supply to comply with performance requirements.

We manufacture individual doors to customer requirements. Therefore certification is typically issued in the form of assessments. These assessments use test evidence and test reports to validate details which are similar to, but not always identical to, test specimen tested. A valid assessment should be compiled by a person whom has had comprehensive experience in the range of tests to all relevant fire testing standards. Approved Document B recognizes and permits the use of an assessor whose expert opinion is considered as being equal status to a test report. This invariably means that assessments are best carried out by the testing laboratory themselves or their agents.

Copies of our test reports and assessments for our complete door range are available upon request.


All fire doors and doorsets should be fitted in accordance with BS 8214:2008, Code of practice for fire door assemblies. It is recommended that fire doors should be installed by members of an independent certified installation scheme, such as FIRAS, Trada, IFC or any equivalent third-party installation certifier.