Extended Certification

Oversized Doors.

Our door design continues to exceed expectations when it comes to certification of both FD30 and FD60 application. Through slight modification of our door construction and intumescent specification we can provide positive certification for increased leafs sizes. This enables us to offer leaf dimension in excess of 3050mm high x 1350mm wide in configurations of both single and double doorsets.

Contract Specific Assessment.

A key benefit of our primary test evidence certification is that we can offer you – the contractor, architect, client and fire consultant – the option to undertake a Contract Specific Assessment. This would be carried out through our independent third party testing agent, Exova Warrington Fire. It can encompass all elements of doorset certification within one document i.e. frame, door, ironmongery and installation. Typically undertaken within the supply of more complex contracts, it can give assurance and confidence if necessary to cover all requirements.