Safehinge Doorsets

Performs in any environment

In the UK, 30,000 children seriously injure their fingers in doors every year. Protecting fingers from being trapped in the hinge section of a door is paramount in primary and special needs schools.

With its unrivalled reputation for safety, Safehinge ALUmax offers the ultimate in finger protection for all kinds of educational facilities. Working with over 56% of the UKs local authorities, it is the proven market leader for making doors safe.

ALUmax designs out the problem of children trapping their fingers. Built into Casey Doors doorset, the integral design makes it ideal for new builds school projects.

Plus ALUmax’s durable construction and supreme quality means it is built to last. Unlike plastic guards, it won’t crack, tear or shatter – providing you with significant cost savings that are as attractive as the sleek aesthetics.

Benefits of SafeHinge

Unrivalled safety
Almost impossible for small fingers to become trapped thanks to unique design and robust construction

Excellent value
Compared to plastic finger guards, long lifespan means considerable cost savings over the life time of the doorset

Efficient design
Almost no impact on structural opening requirements and aluminium profile ensures efficient manufacturing techniques can be used to maximise quality whilst minimising cost.

Ultimate solution
Clever design solves problem and eliminates danger of trapped fingers in education sector, rather than just covering gap between door and frame

ALUmax’s sleek aluminium profile means it blends in beautifully with any existing fittings

SUREclose – double swing doors:

SUREclose – double swing doors

SUREclose is an overhead concealed door closer that works perfectly with double-swing doors in schools.

Fitted in the frame head, with ALUmax integral finger guard on the door, it is tough, easy to install and – above all – safe.

The minimal floor fixings eliminate the need for costly and disruptive floor spring excavations. Instead, the door closer is built into the frame head itself, so it’s quick and easy to install on site.

With both standard and hold open options available it will be your perfect closer for those key fire compartment doors within your buildings fire strategy. Plus, because it is entirely self-contained, curious little minds can’t tamper with it.

Potential for children slamming the door open and damaging doors is reduced by the back check function. This comes as standard on the full SUREclose range.