Steel Frames Doorsets

Performance built in

The Casey Doors F-Dor internally framed door design, combined with a steel frame, is the most suitable doorset solution for ultra clean and high performance environments that require hygiene and durability.

Casey Doors has been supplying the F-Dor internally framed door design with Steel frames to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors for over ten years. In this time we have formed an exclusive partnership with Nordform a specialist steel frame manufacturer.

As with all our ranges, we carry primary fire test evidence to FD30 and FD60, as tested and certified by Exova WarringtonFire. We also carry primary acoustic test evidence as tested and certified by Lorient. Both the fire and acoustic tests have been carried out and certified with unbackfilled steel frames, which is a unique performance attribute to Casey Doors.

Casey Doors can supply steel frames with our complete range of door leaf finishes, in all of our performance standards. This includes fire performances, severe duty durability and lead lining to radiological areas.

Why Use Steel Frames

Steel frames have a considerable number of benefits over hardwood frames and PVC encapsulated frames.

Steel frames are highly resistant to impact, wear, heat and staining. They are robust and will not splinter if attacked

Steel frames are the ultimate in hygienic performance and their smooth surfaced is easily-maintained which is ideally suited to hygienically sensitive environments.

Steel frames are galvanised against erosion and can be powder coated to any RAL colour. They are also available in a stainless steel finished ideally suited for the leisure industry

The installation of a steel frame is not only quicker but simpler than both hardwood frames and PVC wrapped frames. The split frame design ensures tight secure fit against the structural ope and all fixings are concealed

Steel frames are a cost effective alternative to PVC wrapped frames in both material costs but also with their labour saving installation times.

Sectors & Applications

The bespoke steel frame doorset can form a specific application within the overall doorset scheme or it can be the complete doorset solution. It is suitable for a wide range of sectors.


The durability and impact resistance of this doorset allows it to be tailored as a doorset solution within the most rigorous environments of the healthcare sector. Typical environments include Emergency Departments, Acute Mental Health Facilities, Theatres & heavily trafficked corridors within Hospitals.


Incorporating our Mediform and flush fit vision panel, this doorset is the ultimate in hygienic design. It has been specifically designed for the ultra-clean environments of the research laboratories and cleanrooms.

Stadia / Leisure & Sports Facilities

The durability and impact resistance of the steel frame allows it to be tailored as the doorset solution for high performance environments of a Stadia’s kitchen facilities, service areas, changing rooms and the heavily trafficked cross corridor. These attributes also mean these doorsets can be specified within high performance environments of sports arenas, gymnasiums and swimming pools.

Steel Frames & Door Leaf Finishes


Designed specifically for environments where hygiene and durability are critical performance requirements, Mediform with an anti-microbial finish, clean lines and vertical edge profiling is the most suitable doorset range for these unique purposes. Pease find a selection of our case studies below.


Laminate doorsets are highly resistant to impact, wear, heat and staining and provide a hygienic, durable and have easily-maintained surfacing solution for the most demanding of environments. The inherent physical properties of laminate give performance to help meet the strictest of cleaning and maintenance regimes, without the need for further additives or treatments please find a selection of our case studies below.


Veneer Doorsets with our UV Complete Fill Hygienilac lacquer finish can be offered as an alternative to our Mediform and Laminate doorsets. These veneer doorsets are used in private hospitals, maternity wings and acute mental health facilities. These veneer doorsets can provide the appearance of prestigious hotels rather than that of a cold clinical environment without compromising the durability or hygienic performance of the doorset. Please find a selection of our case studies below.